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Finding your way around the steakhouse

By Jeffrey Carl

Terms To Know

Dead cow material isn’t as simple as you would think. If you want to know your way around any steakhouse that doesn’t accept food stamps, you should probably be familiar with the following terms and concepts:

Steakhouse Etiquette

When visiting a steakhouse, there are a few guidelines you should be aware of:

Great Steakhouses To Name-Drop

Not surprisingly, you’ll find many of the best steakhouses in cow-centric zones (such as Chicago and Texas) and the usual suspects for great restaurants (New York, L.A. and the Bay Area, etc.). But quality steakhouses (especially good chains) can be found all over the place. Steak purists will likely eschew chains for top local steakhouses, but you can feel comforted by the fact that these people making fun of you for liking chains will probably die of early heart attacks.

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